In this episode we talk about some of the shows were are watching right now, including "You" & "Killing Eve". We also talk about our Game of Thrones theories, as we inch closer to the Season 8 premiere.

We each go over our Top 10 of the best of TV and Movies in 2018!

Hosts: Kitty & Mick 

In this episode, we discuss the diverse voices on the Podbean podcasting platform

Movie Reviews - Aquaman, Bumblebee, & Vice. 

The Chat - Sex Expert Kristen Thomas talks about how to date during the holidays and updating your profile picture.

Hosts: Kitty & Mick

This week we review the latest episode of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. Kitty chats about watching the new NBC Show Manifest. Mick is watching the new season of Murphy Brown. 


We're back and we are talking new episodes of The Good Place, American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Manic, and A Star is Born. Hear clips from The Good Place panel from San Diego Comic-Con. 

Hosts: Kitty & Mick

In this episode, Mick tells us all about his trip to San Diego Comic-Con International.

August 5, 2018

Review: Eighth Grade

We talk about the new film, "Eighth Grade", about a young girl finishing her last week of 8th grade. 

In this episode we discuss the Season 2 finale for Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale" and we prepare for San Diego Comic-con 2018! 

In this episode we discuss the nominations for the 2018 Emmy Awards and we talk about what we know about Season 3 of Netflix's "Queer Eye", which is filming now in Kansas City.

AMC is trying to compete with Movie Pass, but will it work? And how will it change the way we go to theaters and watch films?

Hosts: Kitty & Mick

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