Our coverage of this year's KC Film Fest continues with an interview with filmmaker Adam Knapp. His documentary takes a look at the relationship between Christians and the LGBTQ community in the state. 

More about the documentary: http://outhereinkansas.com

Hosts: Kitty & Mick


KC Film Fest is almost here and we got a chance to chat with Alex Haughey the Director of the new film Prodigy before it comes to KC. We screened it before our conversation with him and it is really good! It's a great combination of part thriller and sci-fi. 

More information: www.prodigy-movie.com/ or on FB @ProdigyMovie

March 23, 2017

Episode 118: KC Geeks


We got a chance to have a cool conversation with Angie Pedersen with KC Geeks (http://www.kcgeeks.com). We talk about our geekiness, Planet Comic-con, KC Comic-con & San Diego Comic-con. Take a listen and check out KC Geeks!

Hosts: Kitty & Mick.